Rush Hour

Starting the morning walk earlier than days before, the whirling that confronted me was unwelcome. It was morning rush hour. I used to be part of that crowd; rushing, hurrying, being pushing by someone else, for something else. Yet, while I no longer trudge to the office, the past weeks, rush hour has ruled me.

Reaching the top of the hill, the peacefulness of the little park surrounded me with comfort. My quick pace slowed to a near standstill. I hadn’t been to the park so early.  I gulped it in as it quenched the thirst of my soul. I was taken surprise by the sound. Silence, nearly. The splashing of the fountain, distant train whistles and the sweetness of doves cooing made the street traffic delightfully disappear. It was lovely.

I am often charmed on my little escapes to the park but this morning brought a much needed relief and surprised joys.

Far too often we let life push us, rush us, drive us in directions we shouldn’t go. We allow peace to be taken then find ourselves on a road we never intended to be on. It corrupts our joy, dismantles our hopes and frustrates our dreams.

So, what is the remedy? Be deliberate. Be intentional. Be determined. Choose to no longer let boundaries be crossed. Make time for family, friends and loved ones. Breathe, deeply. Trust God. Have faith. And most of all spend time in prayer, seeking the One who loves us, who became our peace.

Peace can be reclaimed and we can live the life God have given without the stress being pushed.  The choice is ours.

Choosing peace today…


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